Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lessons in Love

irstly want to wish happpeeeeeeeeeee 23rd birthday to my bro =)... As i can recall, years ago, I always tagged along with brother everywhere he went... going to Genting, playing football with people twice my size, cyber cafe or whatever. If i were him, I wouldn't have brought my little brother along, with the extra responsibility etc.

Sometimes i feel like he's a brother/parent because of the responsibility for me. But most of the times he's my best buddy. All the things that I have done can never match the things he has done for me. Although we used to fight a lot during the younger days; although we look really different physically -- he's tall, I'm well short and I look Malay and he, Chinese -- I realise that we have so much in common, not only having the same blood that runs in our body.

Not only do I know his secondary school friends but also his university buddies. To me five years is not a barrier. I'm grateful to him. He's my fashion consultant, hairstylist, football buddy, and most importantly, he's my only brother.

Happy birthday koko. To me, you're always an overgrown kid.

What a heart warming posting by Son No 2, Justin, on his blog this morning. This unsolicited outpouring of love -- which I have edited by replacing the sms lingo -- is the best birthday present that anyone could have wished for.

Am I so proud of the two of you. Julian, for showing me how to love and care. Justin, for that great sense of gratitude and love as well. It does raise a doubt and a sense of guilt in me as to whether I have been that ideal and good father to the two of you.

Thanks my precious for the lessons in love. Tears and all, I am so very proud of you.

And Happy Birthday Julian!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Connected with Walter

Gd mrng, how r u & every 1 at home? Just a short update on Walter's SPM result. He did well scoring 10As. Will b going to Form 6 next. A msg from Walter.."Thank you so much! This is one of the best days of my life. I wouldn't have come this far without your support and love. Once again, thank you."

This was the SMS I received yesterday. An ordinary SMS. But it meant a world to me. Even though I did not recognise the phone number of the sender, I knew who it was from the message. By the time, I came to the part "...i wouldn't have come this far", tears welled in my eyes. My heart lifted with joy, great joy!

Walter indeed has come far considering that only five years ago he was fighting for dear life having been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.

I remembered that I had responded to an appeal for platelet donation. I paid Walter a visit in the hospital room after that. This was out of the norm for me, considering that I do not know Walter nor his family.

The room was warmly decorated but on the bed was a boy, who with his head shaven was pale and weak. Spoke a few words with his dad, made a contribution towards his medical expenses and left.

But somehow, I felt connected with Walter. Each visit to the Subang Jaya Medical Centre Blood Bank for a platelet donation, I would ask about him and the good news each time was that he was progressing well.

In June last year, I received the most wonderful news from Walter's mum. The doctor has declared him completely cured!

Walter has not only been given a new lease of life but is doing so well. I am sure that his parents are so proud of him as I am proud of my Son No 2, Justin, who returned from the 3-month National Service and brought us the added joy of a 9As SPM results.

It is moments like these that justly reward and make up for all the pain and anxieties that parents go through for their offspring. Life's great in its own way!