Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lessons in Love

irstly want to wish happpeeeeeeeeeee 23rd birthday to my bro =)... As i can recall, years ago, I always tagged along with brother everywhere he went... going to Genting, playing football with people twice my size, cyber cafe or whatever. If i were him, I wouldn't have brought my little brother along, with the extra responsibility etc.

Sometimes i feel like he's a brother/parent because of the responsibility for me. But most of the times he's my best buddy. All the things that I have done can never match the things he has done for me. Although we used to fight a lot during the younger days; although we look really different physically -- he's tall, I'm well short and I look Malay and he, Chinese -- I realise that we have so much in common, not only having the same blood that runs in our body.

Not only do I know his secondary school friends but also his university buddies. To me five years is not a barrier. I'm grateful to him. He's my fashion consultant, hairstylist, football buddy, and most importantly, he's my only brother.

Happy birthday koko. To me, you're always an overgrown kid.

What a heart warming posting by Son No 2, Justin, on his blog this morning. This unsolicited outpouring of love -- which I have edited by replacing the sms lingo -- is the best birthday present that anyone could have wished for.

Am I so proud of the two of you. Julian, for showing me how to love and care. Justin, for that great sense of gratitude and love as well. It does raise a doubt and a sense of guilt in me as to whether I have been that ideal and good father to the two of you.

Thanks my precious for the lessons in love. Tears and all, I am so very proud of you.

And Happy Birthday Julian!