Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Yes, NOOB. That's how I feel. It has been a loooooooooooog time since my last post. Initially, it was a hectic schedule and then a loss of memory. Blank. No idea of log in name and password. Saw Son No 2 logging in to his blog and just asked sheepishly what does one do if one forgets one's password.

Son No 2 just clicked away on the keyboard. My eyes couldn't follow and the next thing he showed me was a feature to reset the password. But that was not what I was looking at. I saw the log in box just required the email log in name. You mean the log in name is just the same as that of email? All I got was the look that says in his language, "NOOB".

That jogged my memory and this morning, I bravely tried it out. Viola! I am logged on. Now I can blog again. Just have to have the discipline! Will indeed try.


Anonymous said...

wow....ever give it a minutes thought of how your use of the word retard hurts people with special needs?
No??? I didn't think so.

Slimlim said...

My apologies HannahJ and those with special needs on the insentivity in the choice of words. Have since edited to remove the offending word.

lady lavender said...

Good to see my sifu back in action!! Go KL